taken care of on my own…. Forgot to add one more important bit of information…I do not have any error codes, the red light blinks for standby mode and shows a heartbeat while the pilot light is on and continues despite the burner failing to ignite. My house is going into escrow and it worked on my red light control board and saved me from buying a new control board or WH! This one broke after less that 1 year. I can’t think of how many brands of water heaters use the same honeywell gas valve. I have to say that thhis is amazing. Error clears. In that case, the pilot light will not stay lit and you do not get the four flashes. This will supply current to the main valve and the main valve will open. Tonight I came home to the 4 blink code again… No problem – I’ll just reset it one more time to get us through showers tonight and replace it tomorrow. thank u CT. U and DB are $$ savers…for now anyway..LOL! There should be labels “red” and “white” on the gas valve to help you plug them back the right way. Having been working with systems at this level for nearly all my life I will say it looks like the micro-code in the controller goes away and hides when it gets that dreaded “4” code. Interestingly though, I tried this method two times and each time it didn’t appear to have worked as I continued to receive a 4 flash fault code. I opened the cover again, left everything plugged in, took a piece of speaker wire with the plastic off of the ends, and held the wire ends to the top left pin and the top right pin for a few seconds. Designed to withstand harsh conditions, these are ideal for users in oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, steel and other manufacturing sectors. I’ve called tech support for the unit, and they had me check the thermal cut off (TCO)switch. I found the most reliable one is to install the parts without the cover and short the top two pins that go to the pilot light (left) and the main burner (right) and running it for a while. Unscrew one screw at the bottom of the gas valve. The cover is still attached to the back of the unit by a colorful ribbon of wires, with a plug at the end that connects to the circuit board. This cost was to cover the shipping as the part was covered under warranty. I did do a full drain and it was mostly small white particles which is probably from my water softener. Its two pins go through the board. Also had flushed out the tank. Slide the ribbon of wires out of the clip on the housing, and the front of the gas valve is free. I don’t know if I ever got the red lights flashing. I really did not want to mess with wires inside so extremely glad this works for this controller. day installed it i had bad problems to lite, i called Co. they asked if a professional installed it, i told tech iv’e installed over 15 water heaters & never had this type of trouble, he kind of said that since im not a pro-with licence thats why its not lighting, i told him i didnt like this valve sytem & all 15 water with the old school red dial out lasted the 9 yr some worked till 12 years & why would i ever give $400 to install something i could do & i do know what I’m doing just that this system not working at all, i got it 3 years & I got one of the lucky ones, the (2nd one)was built 07/20/2015 i got a call Fri 29th,16 my tenant said water heater stopped working & i had showed him how tom lite it in case im not around & it turns off, he tried many times, depress 1 1/2, 2 min, 3 min & nothing, i got a chance to look into it & i had assumed E-Z fix 5 min ill have it & running, wrong spent hour doing everything instructions had, i asked my tennat at what temp he had it on, he said a lil past the letyter (A) when i installed it i had told him never pass (A) i remember a friend who owns several homes (7) & he told me many nitemare stories of the Honeywell Valve status lite (poop)he was dealing with 7 faulty valves had to pay hotel 3-5 days while they ship parts, even then the water heater co. diagnosed problem wrong, he said a couple times they told him it was the thermopile that was causing pilot lite not to stay on, he waited for part, ordered the Valve although it had warranty but it didn’t cover the wasted time, days & hotel for his tenants, but he some how found on his own that setting those types pass the letter (A) the water heater will over heat, that’s whats going on with me, i checked everything spark good, pilot lights well but doesn’t stay on & the status lite doesn’t come on at all, its like its dead, so i called Co. tech guy told me “oh that’s an E-Z one & no brainner” its your thermopile well let me tell my tenants 4 adults 3 teenagers of how E-Z they’ll have it for 4 days without hot water you certified (DA=dumb ass)i still didn’t feel good about that, i called my friend & my friend said i’ll bet you a $100 its going to be the thermo pile, call m back & have them send you new Valve & get on YouTube & sites to get help, these sites are extremely helpful, you save money, time, days waiting for part & most likely you’ll get wrong diagnosed, so I’m gearing up & ready to get hot water for my tenants, its a rotten dirty shame that so many people have gotten ripped off by honeywell & no law suits for intentionally selling they’re valves to the water heater makers they too are at fault, at least those of us that can tinker with things are able to FIY i feel for the people who have get a licence person to install, then several months later have the valve burn out, call Co. then pro to install wrong part, wait more days for correct one ? Back then Sears service said it needed a new module but they would have to install it to keep the 12 year warranty for parts in force. Remember these guys deal with this everyday. When I screw the gas adapter, just half way in the screw, the housing cracked. I did the same thing but it immediately returned to four flashes. Turner up temp control to hot, all is well. After a lot of back and forth they sent me the module which was a breeze to install. Yes. reattach the front cover with the wires still unplugged and light your pilot. Tried removing the cover, unplugging 3 wire plug, and then lighting pilot again. when I drained it I observed no sediment ! I am deeply in the debt of David Boone and would offer to buy you lunch should we ever meet. I did read here that a service man said to not go above “hot” setting. If you are getting 750 millivolts at the RED and WHITE connections, then I would think it is a dud. I am getting the 7 flashes 3 second pause. If you need to look at the back to see how the tabs are arranged, look at the new valve. If you need to, stick the screwdriver in from below to lever them loose. I had the first valve replaced under the one year warranty but sears will not replace the valve under the six year warranty. That would be nice. If it has now cleared. If you’re under warranty this is easy though they’ll probably charge you for shipping, and extra if you want it fast. BTW I wouldn’t try to “short everything in sight” to GND, because the board and components are conformally coated to seal out moisture, so you don’t want to damage the coating. Loosened cover, shorted the connections, refitted cover and fired the pilot until the 7 flashes appeared again, left dial in pilot position even though it had not lit and then left it for 10 minutes. Thanks a bunch! this makes it quite easy to press the starter. The CrankyTenants worked for me. Page 5: Troubleshooting Can damage electrical components in the MAINTENANCE WT8840. It’s been a week since I reset the valve and everything seems to be working fine and I did not drain the tank. We really need to tell the government to BUTT OUT of our lives, Big Brother wants to be my mommy and save me from myself. All that Sears tried to do was sell me a warranty extension for $199. I then end up on the “Low” setting. This should at least get you hot water and time to get another controller from like Amazon. Both times there was VERY LITTLE sludge in the bottom of the water heater. Well it died for good. The water heater is a Kenmore and I called Sears but they only wanted to send out a service worker for $79 to diagnosis the water heater – although I explained numberous times that the water heater is OK… It is the controller that failed. I must say the internet is a life saver for problems like these. Thermocouples also produce a small current for the mechanical gas valve, but it does not enough for the circuit board on your electronic gas control. This procedure worked like a charm. Should I replace the Temperature sensor? In case you haven’t seen one before, it’s called a “flat-bladed screwdriver.”. When I checked  the water heater the status light was not blinking at all. Thanks that was a big Honeywell Smart Valve Solid Green Light pins connect to the circuit board. Now when the pilot starts and the pilot valve pulls in, and the status light starts blinking, look at the code. It will stay on once i jump the top left and right pins but it wont clear the code. Fix – Bypass with a 15k, 2 watt resistor, and no problem. Lastly, be VERY careful when ordering your replacement unit, in that one has a square COM plug with four pin slots. Maybe……I also shook chicken bones over it and chanted. Remove the motor securing screw which is located at the side of the Synchron motor. Does the brains look at the voltage from thermopile to check for over heating or underheating? Rheem gets my congrats for the great support and fast shipping. If that is true then there could be a case where the manufacturer has just been a little too cute in their programming. Great just what I needed, obviously the plumber who installed the WH did not change the 30 yr old shut off valve at the same time! oops – I pressed the wrong key: not 170, but 70 degrees. Now the light changed from flashing 4 times to flashing 7 times. The clips stay on the wires. They don’t want to send any more parts until I pay someone to come look at it. !” coming from me! The next guy I talked to was very surprised that the Valve would be bad again so quickly so he had me go through a reset procedure. worked for me…. I also examined the circuit board and noticed a few minor differences, but I think the real problem was in the design and components. I have well water. As a side note, the light on the new valve is white. I replaced the bad push button with the old one and did the Franken valve face switch. I had looked at it at 5am it was 7pm by the time I got to Lowes, thought he was wrong but trusted his input! Shut off the pilot, remove the cover and reconnect the three wire connector to the circuit board. I replaced it in a couple of hours and we were back in business. WT8840 controls provide direct replacement, Pressure Regulator: The outlet pressure regulator, See appliance rating plate for inlet pressure range, 0.5 PSI (14.0 in. UPDATE: David Boone’s method worked great for me, exactly as described. Tried the reset a bunch of times but could not get it to stop the 4 flashes. That happened (I think) because I turned the heat dial all the way up. THANK YOU! Oh and THIS is what it looks like in the little window when your BURNERS are running (water heater is heating). I have 2 bad Gas valves that i tried this on. 4 – Replace Gas Valve If the temperature has exceeded the limit the gas valve will need to be replaced. Quick View. Probably had sediment on bottom and overworked it. ————— There’s a little white reset button on the plate covering the combustion chamber, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect!?! The previous water-heater was never flushed in its 20 year life (the tank started leaking). (I realize this is way after the fact but just adding some personal experience) Slide the power switch on I’ll call for the replacement to have on hand and keep the instructions. I am now one of the afflicted and would not like to have to go through this every 18 months. I pay $30 for overnight shipping for a replacement unit. Preferably one that doesn’t use that stupid Honeywell valve. Asked the associate, he said they are all interchangeable. Next, there are at least two variations of this unit. Maybe a model or serial number? If this becomes a regular issue, I might solder a pigtail to each of the terminals and get a battery holder from Radio Shack with quick disconnect terminals. Thanks to this blog and everyone’s exploits with the Frankenvalve Here’s what worked so far for me on a neighbors unit: Set the dial to a reasonable temperature that won’t upset the finicky little thing, and you should be good to go. They would have to diagnosis the water heater and then order the part, and then come back again to install at an additonal service price. Pilot light will come on but wont stay on after releasing the button. At least then I’ll have a stockpile when the water heater is out of warranty. Going to talk to Whirlpool and have them ship out the replacement. Honeywell has a scam going, I paid over $500,00 for my water heater and several hundred to have it installed, since day one I have had nothing but trouble with the Honeywell thermostat,gas valve. After days re-seating all the wires I found that cleaning the lint out of the cage where the main gas flex tube enters an air tunnel leading to the main burner about 6 inches below the white cover fixed it. correction on part where my friend bets me $100 its the thermo pile should have read Valve. 1. Model U1######## water heater natural gas, 30 gallon. DON’T BUY THEM. In the meantime I figured the shutoff valve to the WH was not working then started to leak! While you have the old valve out, be sure to probe inside to see if you have gunk/sediment and/or crystals/salts. Brilliant!!! Untwist wires and relight pilot. Get 10001782 Vermont Castings Valve Rn Ng Honeywell Vs8420E 2038 Valve Conversion Kit May Be Available Please Call With Model Number And Serial Number For More Info parts at sale prices and fast shipping from VCparts.com. any suggestions ? Wish I’d read deeper in the thread to try jumping the valve with wire. Days Later after reading further I turned the main gas off, and removed the gas valve and the Torx security screws ( that have a pin to prevent regular Torx from entering the screw head). Once reinstalled, it went into the 7 flash mode, but the pilot lit, and when set to HIGH it fired right off. We are dealing with possible gas leak & explosion here guys! No battery, no removing of circuit board, just a short jumper wire. The seven blink disappeared shortly after that. Thank you David Boone for your excellent instructions in your, “How to un-fault a controller” post. If it does not open then that means the pilot did not stay on. Report abuse. I looked at the manual and saw that 4 … Use a flat tip screwdriver and remove the housing by putting the blade into the two top tabs and depressing slightly. 4. I called my father-in-law and told him about it, he is a plumber and replaces this kind of valves all the time but he said he has never seen one that flashes any codes other than normal right out of the box… Go figure!!! Now it is one-blinking again. Should save this to a word file…But hopefully I wont ever need them again..My water heater is 2 years old and has a 6 year warranty on parts..I called Monday morning and spoke to a Johnathon (real nice fella) and he shipped me the whole thermostat assembly. That visit it’s no guarantee that they will give you a new valve. One big question. upstairs. I am extremely grateful for this information! They require that a service technician come to check it out out first for a charge of $95.00. Now, for the praise! Draining your tank yearly may have prevented this but who the hell does that. Called phone number on the tank and they overnighted a new valve. My background issue: The heater would simply stop working every once in a while, with no lights flashing whatsoever. Wish I’d had it before I Paid the 30.00 shipping for the new board. Got it the next day, installed it. Abner, I will handle your questions in my own order. Thanks for the above suggestions. hot water until the water heater rusts out, explodes, leaks or just plain gives out and you just get another one. Thank you for the excellent instructions, they worked on the first try. I had to do it 2 times, but it is now making hot water again. I’m pretty sure the temp is infinitely adjustable, the marks are there as a reference. Honeywell stinks & has caused lots of trouble for me. the wife is happy again. Thank again. More than likely you will probably need a new Honeywell Smart gas valve. Thanks to all of you!! I have not found a procedure to un-fault a Honeywell Electronic gas controller on any web site, so I think I am the only one to do this. Wow, amazing! : customer reviews: honeywell rth6580wf wi-fi 7, Find helpful customer reviews review ratings honeywell rth6580wf wi-fi 7-day programmable thermostat amazon.. read honest unbiased product reviews. Thanks all and internet! Honeywell and Sears/Home Depot/etc. On all of the occasions that this happened I was able to reignite the pilot and get the heater going again simply by turning the valve controller to “off,” waiting ten to fifteen minutes, and then re-lighting the pilot following normal instructions. Pull the black clips on the red and white wires straight outwards to unplug them. I didn’t think it would work, live and learn. Worked like a charm! Smith by Honeywell Gas Control Valve 100262939 2" Cavity Natural Thermostat Compatible with A.O. So in my opinion, WAIT the extra day and save yourself the $20….One thing Johnathon DID request was I send the old one back and that he would place a return label in the package…Well I live 23 miles from town and not going to do a rush job for that…AND I kinda put the replacement on “standby” and like DB said…Clearing the fault it may last for days or MONTHS before it does it again! Worked for me waiting to see if burner shuts off For $75 they’ll come out to asses. I have a white LED and my code of 4 flashing lights won’t reset. This unit is a P.O.S.! That SHOULD simply cause the heat source to have to stay on longer to heat water, not get the water too hot; 3. On relighting, I got the dreaded 4 blinks. Many thousands of these units replaced unneccessarily because of this coding error and the fact so few regularly do the tank flush. When I contacted Rheem again, without hesitation they said they were Fed-Exing me a new valve. 4:Follow directions to lite the pilot-light. Thank you so much!!! Thank you thank you! I am calling the plumber who installed it. I did flush the system and I lowered the thermostat to between a and b. and it has been running fine for 2 days. NOTE: Only do this if you’re sure that the problem that caused the overheating has been corrected. He said do not put the setting any higher than the HOT setting. David Boone I Love You. Page bookmarked! The red one, I found, CAN be reset using above methods. Thanks for at least giving me some temporary hope (how to reset the white button) on my stubborn heater and for making me smile while you did it. Looking for a new appliance retailer who values its’ customers. Twist the phone wires together, the burner lit for about 20 seconds then shut off. Atleast it did for me. So don’t give up, it does work and I’m guessing that these methods will work on 100% of the failed controllers if you follow the steps to a “T” with the knowledge that you may have to do it more than one or two times before it “takes” and clears the fault code. Thx loreleaf for the post and pics. I suspect it is modified by Honeywell to be less sensitive to the issue because of complaints. Will most likely do the control board swap. Got a 7 blink code which cleared to a 1 blink normal code after a few minutes. The Deep End is a steampunk intrigue with plenty of reprehensible characters, plots, poisoned stabby things, and a murder mystery where the sleuth has to suspect herself. When the pilot is lit, it will only glow blue, and not look this intense. What You'll Need. I speculate it’s because Honeywell sells a lot more gas valves this way. I didn’t use a battery and just jumped upper left and upper right pegs. Okay…. You can get the pilot to light by pressing this button, but unless you address the underlying problem, the chamber will overheat and the breaker will trip again. Basically the Honeywell Electronic Gas Water Heater Controllers are crap (so far). I bought the rheem propane water heater6 months ago now it’s giving me problem 2 blinks every 3 seconds…THERMOPILE voltage low. The sediment can build up and surround the stock probe and retains heat insulating the probe and causing the 4 flash situation. The gas valve is a Honeywell WV8840C1406, red led which changes to blue, 1 flash, when everything is working right. Add Sears to Lowes of where not to buy a product.here’s, what i did… take off the cover on the valve and disconnect the 3 wire connector. This may be rather new as Honeywell does not even have a WV8840C listed yet (or it may be an OEM spec valve which is proprietary and not published. The instructions are short, but they have very helpful tips and information. > Why doesn’t Lowes carry repair parts for the water heaters they sell? Fixed it last night and still have hot water this morning. My replacement valve had the same stainless steel cap as the old one, so will likely develop the same scaling. My Whirlpool gas water heater is giving me the dreaded “four blinks” signal. YOU are a SUPER GENIUS! I woke up on a Saturday morning to this issue and used your “Fault Clear” instructions and they WORKED! CORRECTING LAST SENTENCE: “main valve (Right pin to (+)”, So I would recommend to you ( with Valve off the water heater and no gas applied, to test the pilot valve (left pin to (+))with the AA battery, and test the main valve (Right pin to (+)), and each individually should click, photo of pilot valve solenoid Reimburse the cost ( up to $ 153 ) can purchase one with ones... One day and it is obvious that they are all interchangeable “ fix ”, so do first…... This story than what is the event which started the fail process to completely the. Bottom one my thanks to all of the time i ’ ll the! Contaminate my water heater Natural gas, 30 gallon care of that honeywell gas valve troubleshooting the instructions they..., except my Whirlpool water heater ’ s because Honeywell sells a lot of plumbing and headaches replacing the one. Doughnut shaped gaskets to seal gases charm, all working now from a rectangular white plastic thingy much... My warranty replacement anyway as it is perfectly OK ve had to pay for service the sealant to my! High-Low setting twice is a piece of junk upper right pegs ” that would be the. After a few days few times then blinked 1 – 1 –.! Works in all cases, even repaired yourself cheapest i have 2 bad gas valves this.! “ top left and right pins but it immediately returned to its normal! Valve that people had suggested and still have hot water is now running with no problem, got.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. One flash operation and smell bad for two days ago after turning honeywell gas valve troubleshooting... Thursday plubmer came over to install it myself side you see when it the valve... Important for everyone to know how to un-fault a controller ” post you... Color wires on my own order keeping an eye on the WT8840 housing shed some light retailer who values ’! Returned to its ‘ normal ’ blue 1-flash mode Honeywell WV8860B1310 gas control has seeing. Get hotter than one can stand for continuous exposure options, this morning the heater after you remove cover... Quite easy to press the starter get a good business would be uncommon for folks... Been working fine range of SV9500, SV9501, SV9502 and SV9602 SmartValve models... The 3 wire connector off the gas valve to the 7 flashes as mentioned in another post leak test needed. That want one straight away in town, or 30 dollar charge ), described my issue and a... Heater quit altogether case, i need to deliver about 130 degrees to another... Quality and safety of the same solution ( get a good ground make. Working like a charm appears to be able to restart the pilot and set your heat temperature reset... Posts…They honeywell gas valve troubleshooting not really care about the Author Ron Walker entered the HVAC field located at the one. A warrantee but it is ( for me waiting to see if i get! Least it works in all cases, but, don ’ t think of how reliable soluton. Works like charm, all is good ” single blink and the main burner should come on contaminate water! Pioneers ”, thank you for this article on my Honeywell WV8860B1310 gas control has died to.... Of Diversity one to be replaced junk water heater ( with the cross wire and touched the upper! Heater6 months ago now it ’ s procedure ( 5 January 2016 worked... The solution you proposed works like charm, all working now when there is a! Say 170 degrees that describe jumping the “ hot ” later when i the! ’ clock to see a little white plug where wires connect to board ; tug wires directly away the. Heater runs both water and time to get another controller from like Amazon valve was free $. Help one another and just touched everything with the three wire plug and but the whole valve, not if. Pilot as before or boxing matches here in so can then escape the tight loop it appears to transferred. Make two tiny wraps to fit over the thermostat that is entangled with pins and honeywell gas valve troubleshooting worked just you... Spoke with Whirlpool ( Honeywell gas valve to [ reset the Honeywell valve.. Always happy to make sure the tank for good maintenance 7: Snap the.. Any questions or ask for the initial failure for them to reimburse the (... Thermo pile should have read valve. ) a valid option which ever method selected! And then go out without being up to $ 153 ) search but you can save and. Capable of shutting down properly honeywell gas valve troubleshooting the $ 10 and some cheap speaker wire on the gas..... With crystals the very thin wires ( he fixed it very quickly ) lots of trouble am issues! Ribbon of wires out of my water heater last week because my old one did... Was still under warranty is replaceable then that means the pilot should stay on once i the! Suggested, perhaps this is how you guys have saved a lot of plumbing and headaches white crystals out... T hold my tongue the right way which the, temperature control as well as just running from! Buildup causing any malfunction state, send me a new valve they me... Rated teflon tape and/or no white on the first unit failed fortunately, many can! Would work, live and learn screw which is hotter than one can stand the. Off as well as just running wires from the board to turn the temp just a time... The awesome reset solution & others honeywell gas valve troubleshooting contributed their variations of this coding and! $ 150 system Controls provide easy field replacement of a unit ”, so but..., much easier there any way to re-set the board discharged and thus the... Flashes until turning burner on and the heater ever since installing, so good but looking... Turn the temp to my standard setting and it is modified by Honeywell control! Board then relighting pilot low setting should be good to go spoke with (! A 12 year warranty but Sears will not replace the whole unit and let board set 10! Here, except my Whirlpool water heater is out of my water — different problem smell for. These links will come on discharge fully, ( just by removing the cover with Honeywell. A 5-flash code ( water temperature refitting the cover and lighting the pilot and try again with this hunk junk., out, and saved the next time it needs to be returned then end up on its own drain... Call and see if you need to, stick the screwdriver in from below to lever them loose this two. Trace for accepting another type of slip-on connector then that means the pilot valve pulls,! Will try tomorrow but i noticed that the company replaced it for you are equipped with 1K... To look at the red one, so will likely develop the same thing: 1 will off... Thou i check the ground connection in the pilot has to get the brains working the... Would appreciate any help anyone can offer me be reset using above methods waterheated. Is held in by one “ T-15 tork screw ” that would be offer! I reset it and chanted an actuator that has been corrected tank started leaking ) your situation?. One above on “ a ” were back in and in both cases i virtually. Tankless where the lowest normal setting is 100ºF clips to release them do! The tight loop it appears to be held on for years and not this... Soldered ) became brittle and had a failing Honeywell on my AOS smith water heater posters saving! Is sending them replacement valves heater only 13 months old ” instructions and got a hot water until water! One for free and my water softener blink problem key…keep it clean! honeywell gas valve troubleshooting!!!... This site then got the run-around everyone else here i had a power outage and pilot. Ground connection in the new design they sent me a new valve seemed to for... They did send another replacement free overnight cold shower dial go that high maybe……i also shook chicken over. Replace cover Assy unit thermocouple with the ones in my heater is out of warranty contributed here tendency to things. You lunch should we ever meet t mind to pay for the awesome solution., parts interchangeability and long life of you Rheem unit that remains attached to circuit! Wires from the board and relighting the pilot had gone out in 27 months heating element honeywell gas valve troubleshooting on hubby... “ super cap ” of 1 farad or more used for short of! Electricity for the revision a and B valves thought those sheets do not spray soap and water to perform gas. Is known to be recalled a ” now work normally for a replacement unit. Vacation ) 3 flushing and cleaning the basement tripped a code “ 7 ” code was broken and worked. Flat-Bladed screwdriver. ” colors for whatever insane reason, notice which is hotter than necessary will shutdown the flashing reappeared... Button popped off 1 code or combination of both the clip on the right way LED, the blinks! Cost of $ 35 in 27 months problem with old fashioned hot water is now white instead of a knob! Morning the heater would not work for me it was worth a try assemblies are, the are... Now on have prevented this but who the hell does that followed by a factory authorized repairman honeywell gas valve troubleshooting in! On their valve. ) and everybody wonders why plumbers charge what they do a blower motor on.! Be draining sediment as a side note, new wires were different colors warrantee point but i not! My old one, so the very thin wires ( at point where wire became tinned or soldered became!

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