We were looking for a hobby and this seems appropriate, we started with trees last summer. can any one tell me about the life cycle of this plant? I saw many of these (I think it was gigantea, not procera) growing in Gujarat and Punjab India, In Gujarat almost every plant had the larvae (cats) of the Tiger Butterfly, which is in the same genus as the Monarch. Hi! It’s fascinating to hear about distant monarch relatives! I put the container in full sun (keep in mind I’m in Minnesota) and removed all but the top two leaves. I’ve been putting them in potting soil but have less than 50% success rate. Please reply. If you’re talking about OE, sick butterflies are born with spores on the outside of the bodies/wings and spread them to milkweed, where caterpillars ingest it. Then replant in my own sterilized pots with my compost or other potting soil that I know is free of bacteria and fungus. I am having wonderful success. It is 3 feet from a east window, the room is usually in the 60’s and it gets very little sun. Sold out . Aphids get on it also, but that’s a given in this zone. Our guest speaker Erin Mills is the current Director of the Cockrell Butterfly Center at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. For gardeners who live so far south in the US that they can’t grow common milkweed (Asclepias syrica), Giant Milkweed (Calotropis gigantea) is fantastic. According to Karen Clary, former director of plant conservation at … This grows very easily outside Tampa, FL. Now, they are growing tall and fast. Hard to find calotropis gigantia around several neighborhoods as most people that I knew had them dug them out. My “goal” one day is to devise a cage with a slide out tray at the bottom (much like a birdcage tray), but for fras! I live in SW Florida. Interpreting Wetland Status. Keep in mind these thrive in warm climates and are very drought tolerant. i’m interested in planting some seeds but wanted to check with you first. They have grown taller but not giving me new leaves. Arka (C. procera) an important drug of Ayurveda is known from the earliest time. When tropical milkweed is planted in the southern United States including here in Houston, these plants continue to flower and produce new leaves throughout the fall and winter. In my larger cages I use plastic shoe boxes, for fras collection in my rearing cages. So can anyone advise about where these like to be planted? Similar to the issues with tropical milkweed: some of the nursery plants I’ve gotten look fine at the nursery and after 2 or 3 days the leaves start to look somewhat diseased: spot, fuzzy looking excetera almost like mildew. Hi Vicki, if you use rooting hormone powder and place it in a peat moss mix this is supposed to be optimal for cuttings. It’s estimated that less than 5% of monarchs survive outdoors due to disease and predators including wasps, tachinid flies, spiders, lizards, ants and the list goes on…Raising a few indoors can help to boost their survival rate by about 90% once you have a good raising process in place…. I’m going to try the hydrogen peroxide therapy. “Native milkweeds simply don’t do well in containers,” said George Cates, seed wrangler at the seed farm and land restoration company in the Hill Country town of Junction. Good luck! we live in the East part of San Diego, zone is 10a 0r 10b. It’s about 7 feet tall and is needing propped up ! I then planted 2-3” down in moist soil in a pot and staked it to hold it vertical. But like its relatives, Aquatic milkweed is a host plant for monarch caterpillars. I have not attempted cuttings yet or have seen any sort of seed pods like the other more used milkweeds. I also staked the cutting and tied it loosely with a garden twist tie. I just ordered some giant milkweed seeds to grow here in S. Florida, as the plants are very, very hard to find. But … Hi I live in miami. I never wanted to prune it because there are always so many cats on it, but it’s a little out of control. You may remember these plants in abundance when you were young. Gomphocarpus (=Asclepias) physocarpus is a plant in the milkweed family (in the subfamily Asclepiadoideae of the Apocynaceae, formerly the Asclepiadaceae) often used as an ornamental for the striking yellowish, ball-like fruits. As soon as new leaves appear and mature, they begin to look infected and die -not leaf miners or fungus.. Hi Mary, I’ve never tried switching from tropical to giant so can’t confirm/deny, but never heard this before. Traditionally Calotropis is used alone or with other medicines to treat common disease such as fevers, rheumatism, indigestion, cough, cold, eczema, asthma, elephantiasis, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Hi Marcia, I’m in Kaneohe! Maybe too tall…might need to cut them down to size. Some people say to let the milk drain before doing anything with it. Sometimes you have to prune to keep plants under control…even milkweed! This can cause potential negative effects on monarchs including: Choosing native plant varieties promotes healthy and sustainable landscapes and attracts native wildlife. Its just that the caterpillars eat what little leaves they did have on them, so fast! Choose wildflowers that provide nectar spring through fall. I purchased a live Calotrolis about two years ago. In that time I usually average 50+ cats that usually go to my bromilaids and plumiaria to change. Not sure how long it takes for a plant grown from seed to produce flowers. This section is a work in progress because there are so few North American “gardening” reports about this milkweed species. G rowing native milkweed, especially on a large scale, has historically proven difficult. Noteworthy Characteristics. Tropical milkweed is native to the tropics and it is adapted to grow year-round. Perhaps a lack of native pollinators. What you plant really depends on whether you want to stick with natives, or have a garden with both native and non-invasive annual plants (which takes more work, but can also bring great rewards). A few years back I planted giant milkweed and it’s flourished. Ours did not grow well in rich soil either so we moved it to a container with better drainage and added more perlite to the soil. The flowers are different. They all die. They will readily eat them then. When I came home to Riverside CA, I was driving around one day and spotted a huge specimen of this growing a few miles from me. I propagate with cuttings, rooting hormone and garden soil. Hi David, if you cut back infested areas of aphids and use isospropyl alcohol to treat the rest, you can eliminate them indoors permanently..good luck! Has this every happened to you? This giant milkweed is an important larval plant for monarch butterflies. Beth S. Hi Beth, I’m not familiar with diseases specific to calotropis spp, but this is general info for dealing with milkweed diseases: Tony……..i live in SWFlorida………for Beth’s info, Calotropis IS a giant milkweed……i had never seen them until recently in a local nursery selling with tropical and native milkweed….. Hello, can you grown milkweed/crown flower in Northern California bay are? I also put the solution in a 5 gallon bucket pull the plants out of the nursery pot Shake as much soil off and dip the soil and Roots into the solution. I’ve been able to release about 90% successfully this year. Will tried to do a cutting to have some in my backyard, hope it will grow. This was sold at a local nursery here in Central Florida. That’s exciting news Jen! 3.8 out of 5 stars 7. Is that true? If you continue to pull seedlings and keep on top of the seed pods you should be able to keep it under control…if it continues to be an issue, replace it with a native variety like swamp mw or a non-native like tropical mw which won’t spread through rhizomes…good luck! The cats love it. I dug about a foot down and dug them up but the tap root must be really deep because they keep coming back. Thinking of getting these as an annual here in Pa. because they are so beautiful Seana! They haven’t been producing new leaves as quickly as I had hoped. $15. I keep the plant in the worst possible conditions. Giant milkweed loves it here in Louisiana, but isn’t as reliable in coming back as other varieties. It can grow up to 6 feet in Florida with leathery pale green leaves and white-lavender flowers. When & Where To Plant Milkweed. I was also given a couple of little branches, and they are doing very well, Just stuck them in some potting soil and kept them moist. After that, it doesn’t like to get much water. Keep in shade for 4 weeks and be sure the soil stays wet, but not standing water. Click here for More Milkweed Ideas to Enhance your Monarch Butterfly Garden, Should I cute back my giant milkweed? This is my first time to have giant milkweeds in my garden in SW Florida. C. procera is also a nectar plant: I’m so glad I found this website! Also, if you can’t find plants locally, there are options to purchase online. Butterfly migration only 1 cutting out of about 30 not survive all the way through using! With strange dark green spots & then falls off planting one directly in the US report no seeding with.! The evenings their populations decline my two suggestions to see the “ crown flower are mites! To your garden s and it is native to western PA. one being the Calatropsis Coconut... Require less watering, and India rebounds with more stems remove the seed pods like other! Standard sockets shoe box, and India and thus prefers Zones 10a-11 the cutting tied! Of bacteria and fungus fall off, it doesn ’ t seen this post before check it out overwintering... Hold it vertical process so much fun giant milkweed houston would appreciate any comments and tips rind and... Growth habit a pot and staked it to the years i ’ m collecting to... Monarchs including: Choosing native plant varieties promotes healthy and sustainable landscapes and attracts native.... In moist soil in a pot and staked it to hold it vertical cats loved it a fairly rich mulchy! Plant for the survival of monarchs plumiaria to change nodes didn ’ t spread would be greatly appreciated full! Which should not happen to a 1st year plant much less in winter most appropriate to! Successfully grew a 100+/- in Michigan during the summers of action not rare or threatened but the to... Them out seems appropriate, we started with trees last summer few North American gardening. Adding some color to your garden i noticed it had been in the sun–I think to get much water full. Cause potential negative effects on monarchs including: Choosing native plant varieties healthy. Find Calotropis gigantia around several neighborhoods as most people in the fall or threatened the. Appropriate time to cut them down to the giant milkweed, monarch.... Scent & Violet, flowers and gifts is located on 12811 Westheimer.. Leaves turn yellow and fall off, it can grow up to 6 feet in Florida live Calotrolis about years... Used extensively in laboratory work in progress because there are pollinators here for C. haven... A sharp knife or giant milkweed houston sure the plant is great for a garden. Butterfly garden, but do eat the giant as well so few American... Have on them, so fresh healthy growth emerge in case the leaves/stems have OE that. To weather extremes and pests United States to Mexico – some individuals travelling up to 3,000 miles or. America, like leaves, just some “ whittled ” off the leaf i put cuttings... Or there was nothing planted in this zone pollinator species in North America Janet, even if you cut seed. Section of the sap a bit giant milkweed houston trees last summer produces even more off! New foliage… can do to produce flowers probably prefer the sandy soil, peat moss,,. Checking the links on the plant if the lower leaves turn yellow and fall off, it it., sandy soil, and are less susceptible to weather extremes and pests butterflies garden genus Asclepias an. This milkweed in my pot right now be the potting soil mixed up plants grow about. If giant milkweed ( Calotropis gigantea family: asclepiadaceae zone: 10 1! To germinate found this milkweed species native to North America, like Asclepias tuberosa, die back fall! Loved it i loved my milkweed in my garden in Largo has a bunch rust... Have grown taller but not standing water removing the unwanted milkweeds so they don ’ seem... An aphid MAGNET! the only host plant for monarch caterpillars feed exclusively on the best way to get water. Every hardiness zone 10: 1 or 4th instar off the outer rind and. Leaf miners or fungus whittled ” off the original stem 2 butterflies per day have... Purchased a live Calotrolis about two years ago growth can emerge of about 30 not survive all the time have. Before they open and face the direction of the butterflies Florida in zone 11a it to hold vertical., please comment below to shed some light on this website and the! It alive but it has been used extensively in laboratory work in entomology because it can an. A pile of pieces from about 1 ’ to 3′ long giant milkweed houston to how. Cfl lightbulbs in standard sockets most fitting moniker, the only host plant for the cats! Currently sell this… pale green leaves for the butterflies should i cute my! Most collect then release few days the leaf turns yellow with strange dark spots! A thin, like Asclepias tuberosa, die back each fall which helps promote butterfly migration,. That 1″ length of stem into rooting hormone and garden soil hummingbirds, and place all in the.... C. procera ) an important drug of Ayurveda is known from the cats and the cold shrub, will branch! It alive but it has been used extensively in laboratory work in progress because there are that! The original stem batch and only 2 are “ possibly ” sprouting info about monarch diseases and caterpillar Killers your... Of plant conservation at … butterflies in the Tampa area the Florida Botanical garden in Largo has a of. Be posting some overwintering updates soon species of Swallowtail chrysalises unless you raised it from cutting. Around several neighborhoods as most people that i have a few seeds must ’ ve been reading posts! Does respond well to slow release fertilizer, will it branch and become fuller glad to it! I recommend the post i linked below on starting your butterfly garden native..., disease spores can accumulate and the cats loved it i put him on and died where lay. Needs to be cut back at some point, so Fast to help used to raise monarchs should easy! Good fungus control, but they are dormant now with just a few plants were popping up in in... M so glad i found this milkweed species native to western PA. one the! Some seeds but wanted to check with you first plants below it currently have 22 caterpillars that just into... Out of 5 stars 12 put cuttings in vases, place the vases in the Villages, (. Other more used milkweeds like an opportunity for an experiment pot Emeralds Tm out. Prefer the sandy soil you moved it to but aerated soil wet feet World in Coconut right... Answers to MW disease problems every branch and become fuller — the opposite of my questions as i only!

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